Create a new viewing. Return the details required to initialise a player or authorise a licence.

For on-demand content, an asset_url should be provided. For live-stream content, a channel_url or epg_programme_url can be provided, though Viewings can only be created for EPG programmes that are currently being shown, as determined by their slot time.

If the content belongs to an account that is restricted, the request must be authenticated and an Entitlement must already exist for the content. Free content does not require an Entitlement or authentication for a viewing to be issued. See Users, Entitlements and Playback for more information about this flow.

Asset information is returned grouped by OVP account. The fields returned to authorise playback vary depending on the OVP integration configured.

If a CDN Recommendation service is configured for the Skylark installation, the returned accounts are in priority order.

If the user is not logged in, the client can supply a randomly generated UUID as
user_identifier when requesting a viewing for analytics purposes.

Viewing errors

These errors might occur when creating viewings:

  • NO_VIEWING_RECORD_PROVIDED: no field that resolved to a piece of content was provided

  • NO_PROGRAMME_FOUND_ON_CHANNEL: no programme could be located on the given channel

  • PROGRAMME_IS_NOT_ON_NOW: the programme provided could not match a current slot

  • NO_VALID_ENTITLEMENT_FOR_CONTENT: the content requires an entitlement, but no valid customer entitlement could be found

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