Free Text Search

Skylark allows responses returned to be both reduced or expanded so that constructing a view in a client application can be done with a minimal number of API calls and with the minimum required data transferred. The API also provides paging functionality.

Free Text Search

As well as structured filtering, many Skylark objects also support filtering using free-text search by adding the lucene_query parameter to the request containing a search query in Lucene syntax. The fields covered by the search index are dependent on the Skylark configuration.

/?lucene_query=(title:titanic OR synopsis:titanic)

If the complexity of a lucene query is not required, comma-separated search terms can be used with the query parameter e.g.


If a field does not exist or is not indexed this will just return an empty result list. The fields covered by this feature are dependent on the Skylark configuration.

Free text search can be combined with other filters, though care needs to be taken with performance. End-user facing search features should prefer the Multi-search API, which can search over multiple resource types, track popular searches, and provide spelling corrections.