The same as /api/sets/, except computed scheduled items are not expanded, and items with a position of 0 are included. Mirrors all URLs under /sets/, requires authentication and is intended for use by the Skylark CMS or other management systems rather than user-facing client applications.

Scheduled items which have expired and are older than SCHEDULED_ITEMS_ARCHIVE will get archived. This also applies to scheduled items which have been unplaced and the last modified date is older than SCHEDULED_ITEMS_ARCHIVE. The default limit is current set to 60 days, this can be changed in default_settings SCHEDULED_ITEMS_ARCHIVE. To return the archived items use the ?archived=true param on the following end points:

  • api/cms-sets/

  • api/cms-sets/{uid}/

  • api/cms-sets/{uid}/items/

Archived items are excluded from the item list by default.

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