Managing Rich Text In Skylark 8


Skylark 8 does not support any form of rich text editing within the UI. However any of the text fields can contain markup and Skylark won’t strip this out. This means that text could be delivered via Skylark's API and then interpreted and rendered by front end clients.

Formatting Options

The table below outlines the options that could be used for formatting text in Skylark and their supported features.

WikitextLimited SupportLimited SupportLimited Support

Note: Support includes native support or support via a third party plugin/package


Headings<h1>Heading 1</h1># Heading 1= Heading 1 =
Body<p>This is a paragraph</p>This is a paragraphThis is a paragraph
Links<a href="">This is a link</a>[This is a link]([ This is a link]
Bold<strong>This is bold</strong>**This is bold**'''This is bold'''
Italic<em>This is italic</em>__This is italic__''This is italic''

Other things to note

Line breaks are added in place of carriage returns in text areas, these are returned in the API as \n and could affect any formatting.

title and short synopsis fields are single text inputs in the Skylark UI, making it difficult to view and edit longer longer text.

Full page rich text articles are not supported.

It is not recommended to format/edit large amounts of text within the Skylark UI. If text editing is required then it is recommended that this should be kept to a minimum; adhering only to the examples outlined in the table above and only editing title and synopsis fields on objects.

Full rich text articles should instead be handled outside of Skylark and in a separate platform.