Resizing options


will create a JPEG thumbnail preserving aspect ratio, with a maximum width of 200 pixels and a maximum height of 300 pixels.
IF the original image is a GIF or WEBP with animation, the JPEG will yield the first frame of that animation.

When resizing a transparent GIF the animation might not have the expected result, instead fetch the original image.


Exactly 200x300, cropped as necessary, with crop point at centre and middle.


The image format to return is determined by the given extension.
jpg, png, gif, webp, and jp2 are supported.

As for crop, but with a custom crop point. Accepted values are:

For the first character:

  • l: Left

  • c: Center

  • r: Right

For the second character:

Resize the image proportionally, and pastes it onto a canvas 200x300 pixels,
with a background rgba(255,124,123,1).

Resizer will also accept three numbers for a RGB colour.


Providing filter=greyscale will convert the image to black and white. It can combined with the other parameters but must always be placed last.

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